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G-25 series
Pump Capacity : Max 140 L/min
Discharge Pressure : Max 21 bar
Pump Material : refer attached product specification
Motor Spec : refer attached product specifications
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- positive displacement with smooth , low pulse output
- Heavy-duty industrial construction for long service life in harsh conditions
- Hydraulically- balanced, unstressed diaphragms
- Wide range of flow and pressure ranges
- Repeatable, accurate output is ideal for metering, dosing
- Sealless design
- Minimal maintenance ; no cups , packing or seals
- Wide choice of pumo materials of construction for pump heads, diaphragms and valve
- Low repair costs



- Hot fluids , corrosive fluids
- Abrasives
- Wettable powders
- Cutting fluids
- Ultrapure fuilds
- Adhesives
- Reclaim water
- Slurries
- Fertilizers
- Chemicals
- Soap solutions

Max pressure                                                                                       
-Metallic heads: 70 bar
-Non-Metallic Heads:: 17 bar
Max flow rate and pressure                                                                    
Flow rate: 0.4~128L/min, max pressure 172 bar
Max Inlet Pressure
17 bar
Inlet port                                                                                        
1-1/2 inch BSPT
Discharge port                                                                                       
1 inch BSPT
Shaft Diameter                                                                                  
1-1/8 inch
Bearings : Tapered roller                                                                       
Oil capacity
2.4 liter
-Metallic heads : 57 k g
-Non-metallic heads: 41 k g


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