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C62, C63, C64 Valve C46 Valve Oil Level Monitor
C22, C23, C24 Valves C80 Airbleed Valve
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Hydra-Cell | C80 Airbleed Valve
Airbleed Priming Valve
Hydra-Cell | C62, C63, C64 Valve
Superior Sealless Diaphragm Design.
Hydra-Cell | C46 Valve
C46 Series Valves are manufactured in a choice of heavy-duty materials to
meet specific pumping needs.
Hydra-Cell | Oil Level Monitor
The Hydra-Cell Oil Level Monitoring System utilizes a Murphy SWICHGAGE® Model L129CK1.
Field proven in the oil industry to detect crank case oil level, the Murphy SWICHGAGE is well suited to detect oil level for Hydra-Cell pumps such as the D/G-35 shown here.
Hydra-Cell | C22, C23, C24 Valves
C22, C23, and C24 Series Hydra-Cell Regulating Valves are available in a choice of stainless steel, nickel alloy or solid brass materials and accommodate 3/4”to 1-1/4” NPT/BSPT plumbing.
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