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magnetic centrifugal pump
JM20 series
Pump Capacity : Max 68 L/min
Discharge Pressure : Max 8 bar
Pump Material : STS304, STS316
Motor Spec : 1.1kW, 1.5kW, 2.2kW
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- No shaft seal, no leakage by magnet coupling
- Small footprint, high discharge pressure, regenerative turbine pump
- High system pressure up to 50 bar
- Sm-Co Magnet, fluid temperature between -100 ~ 300°C
- For high-priced fluid, dangerous liquid
- Fluid mixed with gas or air up to 20%
- Customized manufaturing for customer application as option

- Corrosive fluid
- Toxic, harmful, carcinogenesis fluid
- Hydro-carbon, explosive fluid
- Thermal oil, refrigerant (R22, R134, Galden, Fluorinert), cryogenic fluid
- Radioactive fluid
- Organic solvent, detergent , Ammonia

● Flow rate s: Max 68 L/min
● Pressure : Max 8 bar
Internal pressure : max 40 bar
● Temperature : Max  300°C(JMT-oil)
                         Max  180°C(JMP- water)


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